Wrongful Death In Atlanta, GA

Hold Others Accountable for Negligence and Wrongdoing

Hire a skilled wrongful death attorney in Atlanta, GA

Do you believe the recent death of a loved one could have been avoided? Negligent acts should never go unpunished. You aren’t alone in this legal battle. Reach out to Seay/Felton LLC Trial Lawyers to retain a wrongful death attorney in Atlanta, GA.

A recent death can be even more painful when you know justice hasn’t been entirely served. A wrongful death attorney will help you file a claim for loss of companionship, loss of future income, end-of-life expenses and more. Call 404-902-6444 today to benefit from our wrongful death attorney services.

What are the common wrongful death scenarios in the state of Georgia?

While there are no specific criteria or requirements for a wrongful death lawsuit, common examples are:

By proving negligence or wrongdoing, your attorney can help you find additional closure for your loss. Reach out to us today for wrongful death attorney services in Atlanta, GA.

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