The Law Firm of Fenters Ward Offers Expertise in Employment Law

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, hundreds of thousands of valuable and industrious employees have been unceremoniously ejected from the workforce. Notwithstanding a dire need for employment, countless workers have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. With an uncertain future and a shaky economy, employers have made preemptive strikes in an effort to salvage businesses and conserve costs. The average working men and women have been an unfortunate casualty in the aftermath of the Coronavirus. The Law Firm of Fenters Ward understands that termination of long-time employees during COVID-19 may not be right, and often times may involve complex legal ramifications. The attorneys at the Law Firm of Fenters Ward are working hard to help the unemployed victims of this crisis. 

Employment law can be a complex and difficult road to maneuver, and oftentimes neither employers nor employees have a firm grasp on the law and its meaning. This results in employers terminating employees in good standing under questionable circumstances, and in employees who are left with questions and frustration. Most often, the violations that are overlooked concerning employment termination are those involving illegal wage cases. Failure to pay overtime is a common violation, as is a failure to pay the correct rate of overtime, and these are circumstances that have been especially prevalent in cases involving termination during COVID-19. 

Though not widely understood, Pennsylvania law tends to favors the employee, providing protections and a course of action when a wrongful termination or questionable circumstances are involved. Because of general inexperience concerning employment law in Pennsylvania, many employers unknowingly violate employee rights. Fenters Ward is committed to assisting individuals who feel that the circumstances surrounding their termination due to COVID-19 were questionable or in violation of the law. 

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward was founded in 2015 with the objective of helping the working class when confronted with questionable or predatory business practices. True to their vision, the attorneys at Fenters Ward have helped thousands of clients to fight and win when confronted with circumstances violating their rights under employment law. The law firm has never been more necessary than they have been following this crisis, and the attorneys at Fenters Ward are on the front lines concerning this issue.

Serving clients in all 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania, Fenters Ward specializes in fighting tenaciously for their clients. Fenters Ward is an expert team of skilled lawyers with the experience to practice a diverse number of areas of law including personal injury, DUI/DWI, construction law, family law, debt collection, debt defense, mortgage foreclosure defense, legal forms, property tax, and employment law.

The expert attorneys at Fenters Ward understand the needs of each of their clients, and they work tirelessly with them to reach a satisfactory resolution. Available to assist their clients navigate the difficult circumstances surrounding unemployment due to COVID-19, the Law Firm of Fenters Ward has the experience required to sift through the chaos and provide their clients with their clear-cut rights concerning the termination of their employment.

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward is available via a personal, face to face meeting, or via a Zoom to provide a free consultation concerning questions about a current or former employer. Clients may call 412-301-9616, or visit the firm’s website.