Pittsburgh Personal Injury Attorneys Offer Services in Erie, PA

Accidents can be terrible experiences that come with a lot of uncertainty about the future and they often happen at work too. Dealing with whether or not employers would pay due compensation and how expensive medical bills would get paid, all while in pain, isn’t a great recovery incentive.

Personal injury cases can be stressful and complicated to handle, but with the right personal injury attorneys, total compensation under the law is guaranteed regardless of who is at fault.

How Does Workers’ Compensation Work In Pennsylvania? 

Workers’ Compensation provides benefits to employees with work-related injuries or illnesses.

In Pennsylvania, regardless of who is at fault, workers’ compensation is paid to the injured person for medical care and lost wages due to injury and recovery. The process seems like an easy one, but it usually isn’t, with the employers trying to dispute the claim or the insurance company refusing to cover the claim.

Having excellent workers’ compensation lawyers removes these complexities and speeds up the process. 

Informing Your Employer

The employer must be informed of the work-related injury within 120 days of the occurrence to be eligible to claim benefits. If the injury is reported within the first 21 days, benefits can be received from the exact date of injury. If reported after the first 21 days, benefits can only be claimed from the date of the report.

Seeking Immediate Medical Attention

Medical attention should be sought immediately after the injury so the process of recovery alongside documentation can start. Medical records are significant evidence to be presented while filing a workers’ compensation claim in PA.

Employees may be required to choose an employer-approved physician within the first 90 days with the option to select their physician after those 90 days.

Filing The Claim

The compensation claim should then be filed with the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. This is done after the employer submits the First Report of Injury within 7 days of report and missing work.

Acceptance or Denial of Claim

The employer must immediately report the injury to their insurance company, which has 21 days to accept or deny the claims.

If they accept the claim, a Notice of Compensation Payable is issued to the employer, and they begin to pay benefits. On the other hand, they may deny the claims. The employee then has a three-year deadline from the date when the injury is noticed to file a claim petition that ensures the eligibility to benefits is maintained.

Getting experienced workers’ compensation attorneys immediately to file this petition and fight for you ensures the benefits are not lost.

Where to Find the Best Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Erie, PA

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J.P Ward and Associates are personal injury attorneys with over 35 years of experience successfully representing PA residents. They take the time to listen to you, address your concerns and fight for your benefits throughout your recovery process. They also work on a contingency basis, meaning you do not have to pay if you don’t win a settlement.

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