Pennsylvania Law Firm Expands into Fort Washington

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward announces its expansion into Fort Washington in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The new office is located at 500 Office Center Drive, Suite 400, Fort Washington, PA 19034. The team at Fenters Ward is excited about the expansion and looks forward to serving the legal needs of the Fort Washington community.

The Pennsylvania law firm‘s founder, Brian Fenters, combines legal knowledge with over twenty years of diverse management experience in the fields of construction, logistics, and manufacturing to provide a business-minded solution for clients. On the difference Fenters Ward provides, he comments, “A major part of our business model and philosophy is efficiency, logistics, and technology. Our offices are sleek, modern, and cost-effective. To us, efficiency is just as important as fast and accurate legal advice. We strive to challenge our client’s expectations. That means being accessible, down-to-earth, genuine, and economical while being as effective as any of our peers.”

The practice areas of the Fenters Ward attorneys include personal injury lawsuits, DUI/DWI, construction law, debt defense, debt collection, products liability law, family law, and legal forms. Personal injury may include automobile and motorcycle accidents, heavy highway and tractor-trailer accidents, product liability, medical malpractice, premise liability, slip and fall, wrongful death, industrial accidents, and loss of consortium.

In 2018, the National Safety Council found that an American is accidentally injured every second. The Law Firm of Fenters Ward strives to defend people who have been injured in an accident and suffered as a result. The importance of seeking immediate legal advice after an accident cannot be stressed enough. Many injured people are victimized a second time by making unguarded statements on social media websites, through text messages, or by speaking with insurance representatives. Insurance defense firms know just how to take advantage of such statements.

The first thing that Fenters Ward tells clients during the initial consultation is to keep the matter private. No good can come from discussing a claim with anyone directly—that is what legal counsel is for. Also, victims must do everything they can to ensure that evidence is preserved. Every second counts after an injury occurs. As time passes, there is a risk that important evidence may be lost or destroyed, which may result in a total loss of the claim.  The Law Firm of Fenters Ward works to ensure that evidence in the hands of potential defendants is preserved.

All initial consultations are done personally. The Fort Washington office is convenient and comfortable for those in the Montgomery County area. However, meeting at a potential defendant’s home or any other location can be arranged. If the client has a valid claim, the law firm will typically offer a Contingent Fee Agreement. All costs of litigation are forwarded. Fenters Ward is not reimbursed, and they do not receive a fee for their services unless the client receives compensation. For the Law Firm of Fenters Ward, there is no greater satisfaction than delivering due and just compensation to clients.

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward provides Pennsylvania with expert legal services including personal injury law, criminal law, and family law. Their offices utilize technology to modernize the practice of law, which helps streamline the defense process and keeps costs down. The Law Firm of Fenters Ward proudly represents more than a thousand new clients each year in every county of Pennsylvania.


For more information about the expansion, visit the website at The law office can be contacted by email at or by phone at 1 (412) 545-3016.