Pennsylvania Law Firm Advises People on Steps to Take After a Car Accident

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward is spreading awareness about the steps for a person to take after being injured in a roadway accident. Many injured people are victimized a second time by parties seeking to take advantage of unguarded statements. Nothing can undo the suffering caused by a motor vehicle accident. However, the Law Firm of Fenters Ward wants to help Pennsylvania residents protect themselves from further grief.

People may not think about how to deal with the aftermath of a car accident until they are involved in an accident. Knowing the proper steps to take beforehand can reduce stress and prevent people from putting themselves at risk.

The first step to take after an accident is to call 911, if able. Safety is the chief concern at the accident scene, and people should not allow themselves to be talked out of calling 911 by another driver. The 911 dispatcher should be informed of the location of the accident, the nature of any injuries, and if there are any dangers at the scene.

When first responders arrive, victims should seek immediate medical treatment. Never refuse treatment at the scene. Responders should be notified of all symptoms, even if accident victims think their injuries are minor. If responders decide not to transport an individual to the hospital, the individual should still seek medical evaluation, preferably the day of the accident.

To make legal proceedings easier, it is important to gather evidence at an accident scene. Photos and video footage are an invaluable safeguard, which bolsters the victim’s account and hinders other people involved in the crash from changing their story. If a person is physically able, it is also helpful to write down the other driver’s full name, contact information, and insurance information.

After an accident, people should avoid posting on social media. Insurance defense firms know exactly how to take advantage of social media posts made when people are still processing the accident. Keeping the matter private is the safest route to take until the victim can secure trustworthy legal counsel.

Finally, people should seek professional legal advice. They can gain peace of mind by having someone by their side who understands how to maneuver through all the legal complexities. Accident victims may be entitled to damages for medical bills, destruction of a vehicle, loss of wages, and physical and mental harm. While money can never make up for the sufferings the victim experienced, it can ease life’s burdens going forward.

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward is Pennsylvania’s premier personal injury law firm and car accident attorney. The legal team is skilled in helping people involved in motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, or trucking accidents. For the Law Firm of Fenters Ward, there is no greater satisfaction than supporting clients in their time of need and delivering them due and just compensation.

The Law Firm of Fenters Ward provides Pennsylvania with expert legal services including personal injury law, criminal law, and family law. Their offices utilize technology to modernize the practice of law, which helps streamline the defense process and keeps costs down. The Law Firm of Fenters Ward, which recently expanded their offices from Pittsburgh to Fort Washington and the Philadelphia Area, proudly represents more than a thousand new clients each year in every county of Pennsylvania.


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