Pennsylvania Law Firm Addresses Common COVID-19 Employment Law Concerns

With the advent of the 2020 Coronavirus, Pennsylvania workers experienced a tidal wave of job loss as hundreds of thousands were fired or laid off. Understandably, many have been left with questions concerning employee rights and employer responsibilities. While many Pennsylvanians remain hesitant to question or challenge their employer, it’s imperative in today’s working environment for employees to understand their rights and how the law works for them.

Employment law can be complex, and an experienced team of attorneys can help to wade through the confusion. While many employees are concerned with issues such as the legalities involved in the termination of an employee, or even fear of termination due to the assertion of employee rights, the team at The Law Firm of Fenters Ward has the experience and expertise to help. Other common concerns, such as questions concerning an employer’s response to family medical leave, can also directly relate to the Covid-19 pandemic, and Fenters Ward can provide answers to befuddled workers.   

Because employment law can be a complex and difficult road to maneuver, an expert law team is a helpful advocate for employee rights. Oftentimes neither employers nor employees have a firm grasp on the law and its meaning, resulting in employers terminating employees in good standing under questionable circumstances. When their rights are unclear, employees can become frustrated, and left with dozens of questions.

The violations that are most commonly overlooked in employment law concern illegal wage cases, and are a prevalent issue in cases related to Covid-19 termination. Without a firm grasp on the law and their subsequent responsibilities, many employers unintentionally violate their employee’s rights. Pennsylvania law predominately favors the employee, and the attorneys at Fenters Ward are committed to upholding employment law. They are dedicated to maneuvering through the intricacies of the law to represent their clients in the most expert and professional way possible.

Pennsylvania employees are facing a time of uncertainty concerning their rights, understandably wrought with fear of sudden unemployment. An understanding and skilled team of attorneys can help to swiftly bring order out of the chaos, and identify each worker’s individual concerns and needs. The team at The Law Firm of Fenters Ward can meet that need with the professionalism and expertise for which they are known.

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