J.P. Ward & Associates Launches New Website Focused On Pennsylvania Lemon Law

J.P Ward & Associates, a Pennsylvania-based law firm, is happy to announce the launch of a new website, autoLaws.com which is designed to help Pennsylvanians navigate the complexities of the state’s lemon law, while also strengthening connections between the law firm and clients and providing quick access to legal services delivered by Joshua Ward and his associates.

After months of hard work and commitment, the law firm has launched one of the best websites to help clients and the general public learn more about their rights through expertly authored and collected resources and quality legal consultation.

Whether you want to learn about Pennsylvania lemon law, know your rights under the Magnuson-Moss warranty act or find out whether lemon law is applicable in your situation, autolaws.com has got all the necessary information you need. This also means that people of Pennsylvania driving lemon cars can now pursue their case with confidence, knowing that they have competent attorneys on their side.

About AutoLaws.com

J.P. Ward & Associates is a Pennsylvania-based law firm that focuses on helping everyday Pennsylvanians navigate the complicated and sometimes overwhelming legal environment after experiencing civil wrongdoings. The attorneys at Autolaws.com have a wealth of experience and sophisticated knowledge of Pennsylvania’s legal system.

What is Lemon Law?

Lemon law refers to the totality of laws designed to provide options for people who have bought cars or other consumer goods that do not meet quality, safety, and performance standards. For example, if you buy a car, you expect it to last you for a long time into the future. However, there are times when your vehicle can become a significant source of worry after repeatedly failing to meet the expectation of quality performance.

There are federal lemon laws and individual state rules. In Pennsylvania, lemon law covers all cars and trucks used for personal, family or household purposes for the first year of 12,000 miles after purchase (whichever comes first). Likewise, vehicles with non-conformities or defects that affect the user, safety or value of the vehicle, and have undergone several repair attempts are subject to Pennsylvania lemon law regulations.

Are you currently dealing with a lemon car or you simply want to learn more about lemon law in Pennsylvania? Autolaws.com has the best experts and resources to help you navigate the complexities of this area of law. To book a consultation, visit autolaws or call: (412) 426-4878.