J. P. Ward and Associates Launch New Website To Better Serve Clients

The Law firm, which was formerly known as Fenters Ward, has been rebranded and is now known as J. P. Ward and Associates. This rebranding was embarked upon as a way to reposition the law firm to continue to provide the best legal representation to its clients.

J. P. Ward and Associates have represented many clients since founded in 2015 and have gained their trust and respect. This also has something to do with how the firm stands up for their clients, whether they are employees oppressed by their employers or the working class that is being bullied by predatory businesses.

This home-grown law firm provides a professional yet personal service that keeps its service offerings fresh and stands them out from the competition. This is a firm that prides itself on great service and attention to detail.

Updated Service Offerings

The law firm of J. P. Ward and Associates specializes in Personal Injury and Employment Law violations.

  • Personal Injury

When one is faced with a personal injury that has the potential to change one’s life forever, and not in a good way, it is normal to ask questions about what happens next and to be uncertain about the future. When this injury is now caused by the carelessness of some other person, these questions become more urgent. At this point, it is a good idea to employ the services of an attorney.

The attorneys at J. P. Ward and Associates have handled many personal injury cases and always help their clients win the highest compensation possible.

  • Employment Law Violations

Employment law disputes are often filled with a lot of uncertainties for the employee because it is very much likely that they lose their jobs and maybe their chances of getting another one. J. P. Ward and Associates have employment law attorneys on their team that have years of experience handling cases like this. They will surely help eliminate all the uncertainties. 

Get In Touch

The new website for the award-winning team at J. P. Ward and Associates can be viewed at  https://sftriallawyers.com. You can visit to request a consultation today if you have any issues concerning personal injury and employment law violations.