Fenters Ward Shares Information About Personal Injury Cases In Pennsylvania

In a helpful public service announcement, Pittsburgh, PA law firm Fenters Ward shared information about what makes a strong personal injury case. According to Fenters Ward, a strong personal injury case hinges on liability for injury. The law firm defined liability as an action committed by a defendant (or group of defendants) that the law recognizes as wrong. Fenters Ward cautioned that liability is one of the most difficult items to prove in a court of law. Fenters Ward advised that establishing liability requires the expertise of an experienced Pittsburgh personal injury lawyer.

Fenters Ward stated that a strong personal injury case also requires damages. If there are no damages, the personal injury case will not hold up in court. Fenters Ward mentioned that damages include lost wages (or earning capacity), medical expenses, mental anguish, physical injury, disfigurement, wrongful death, punitive damages, and sometimes even court costs and attorney fees. Fenters Ward advised those who have suffered damages as a result of someone else’s liability to contact a Pittsburgh personal injury attorney.

According to Fenters Ward, the third and final aspect of a strong personal injury case is collectibility. Fenters Ward defined collectibility as a defendant’s ability to make good on a judgment. Fenters Ward defined a judgment as a document awarded to the plaintiff stating that someone owes the plaintiff money for damages resulting from a personal injury accident. Fenters Ward cautioned that, in many cases, the defendant lacks the money or insurance to pay for the judgment. According to Fenters Ward, lawyers often advise clients to drop personal injury cases if there is no collectibility.

About Fenters Ward

Fenters Ward is a Pittsburgh, PA law firm that specializes in debt defense, personal injury cases, DUI/DWI, construction law, and family law. The firm’s founder, Brian Fenters, has over 20 years’ experience with small, privately held companies and large publicly traded corporations. Fenters Ward is committed to efficiency and professionalism. Fenters Ward is proudly located in the East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh, PA, where it occupies part of the second floor of the historic Liberty Building on Penn Avenue.