$6.855 MILLION

SETTLEMENT for Apartment Complex Security - Shooting

Our client was visiting an apartment complex where he was shot and catastrophically and permanently injured. The apartment complex management was negligent in failing to have adequate security.


SETTLEMENT for Civil Rights - Police Officer Shooting Death

A police officer shot a man in the back as he was running away from a routine traffic stop resulting in death. This is one of the largest pre-suit settlements in a civil rights case.


SETTLEMENT for Large Truck Collision - Catastrophic Injury

Our client, a successful professional, suffered numerous catastrophic injuries when her SUV was struck head on by a large truck driven by the employee of a large asphalt company. At the time of the collision, the driver of the truck was eating breakfast and was distracted. The company was negligent in failing to properly train the employee, who had a very unsafe driving record and had demonstrated that he was irresponsible.


SETTLEMENT for Dram Shop Liability - Death

A man visited a bar and drank until he was visibly intoxicated. The restaurant was aware of the man's drunken state, but and it allowed him to drive. Unfortunately, the man struck our client's family member, who was on a motorcycle, and killed him.


SETTLEMENT for Trampoline Park Injury - Paralysis

Our client went to a trampoline park with his son. Unbeknownst to our client, the foam pit for customers to jump into had not been built in a reasonably safe manner. As a result, when our client jumped into the pit, he struck the bottom and suffered a spinal cord injury that has left him paralyzed from the waist down.


SETTLEMENT for Commercial Vehicle Crash - Catastrophic Injury

Our client suffered multiple catastrophic injuries when he was struck by an 18-wheel tanker truck that had made an illegal left turn crossing a highway.


SETTLEMENT for Product Liability - Defective SUV Roof

Our client's husband was killed when the roof of his SUV collapsed in a rollover accident and asphyxiated him.

$2.970 MILLION

SETTLEMENT for Wrongful Death - Drowning

After litigating the case for seven months, Seay/Felton Trial Lawyers, along with Parks Law, settled a wrongful death case involving a drowning in South Georgia.


SETTLEMENT for Medical Malpractice - Paralysis

A doctor failed to recognize and treat our client's spinal cord injury from a car wreck. As a result, she is permanently paralyzed from the waist down.


SETTLEMENT for Medical Malpractice

Our client suffered an injury during childbirth that was not treated.


VERDICT for Hotel Sexual Assault

Our client was raped in a hotel by a person who used a key card he was given by the front desk clerk.


SETTLEMENT for Pedestrian Killed By Unsecured Materials From A Commercial Vehicle

We represented a family who lost their mother when unsecured metal pipes fell off the back of a truck as it traveled on a major highway. The pipes struck our client in the head and she later died at the hospital from severe head injuries.


SETTLEMENT for Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client suffered significant injuries to his legs as a result of being in a bad car wreck. The client's first attorney advised him to settle for $30k. After hiring us we were able to obtain a much more substantial settlement.


SETTLEMENT for Medical Malpractice

Our client had a lumpectomy to treat breast cancer. After the procedure, she was cancer free for several years. Unfortunately, she subsequently felt a new mass in the same location on the same breast. After consulting with her physician, she had a biopsy performed on the mass. The reviewing pathologist erroneously identified the mass as cancer when in fact it was non-malignant fibrocystic breast tissue. Based on the pathologist's report, the entire breast was removed despite the fact that there was no cancer.


SETTLEMENT for Trampoline Park Injury - Paralysis

Our client was paralyzed as a result of jumping in a defective foam pit.


SETTLEMENT for Burn Injury By Scalding

Our client was a resident of a seniors' tower in metro Atlanta. The owners had renovated almost the entire building, except the major systems, including the elevators, HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. The boiler system which supplied hot water to the residents of the building did not have a safety valve on its supply side to prevent water from being supplied to the residents at scalding temperatures. Our client, who was elderly and suffered from diabetic neuropathy in her legs, was burned over 20% of her body when she sat down in a tub of scalding water. Through discovery, we were able to show that although the owners were aware that there was a high risk of scalding, they chose not to modernize the hot water system and make it safe for residents.


SETTLEMENT for Motor Vehicle Accident Death

A commercial vehicle crossed the center line of the road and struck our client head on, which resulted in his death.


SETTLEMENT for Pedestrian Injured By Trash Truck

Our client sustained serious injuries when the driver of a sanitation truck negligently backed over him. Our aggressive use of discovery tactics revealed that the driver had been poorly trained and had not followed written company policies and procedures regarding the operation of his truck around pedestrians.


SETTLEMENT for Wrongful Death By Food Allergy - Negligent Caterer

Our client attended a company sponsored event where food was supplied by a caterer. Our client was allergic to shellfish. The catering company misinformed our client that one of the dishes provided did not contain shellfish, when in fact it did. Relying on what the caterer said, our client ate the dish and had a severe allergic reaction which resulted in her death.


SETTLEMENT for Medical Malpractice - Infant Death

Our client's infant did not survive childbirth. Although she had previously delivered her last baby by way of Caesarean Section, our client was told that the birth of her third child would be vaginal and would be managed by a mid-wife rather than an obstetrician. After labor failed, a timely Caesarean Section was not performed and the baby died of Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy.


SETTLEMENT for Pedestrian Killed By 18-Wheeler

Our client's family member was a long-haul truck driver who was killed when he was struck by a tractor trailer truck. At the time, his vehicle was disabled and had been pulled into the emergency lane of the highway. We were able to prove that the driver who killed our client's family member had falsified his driver logs, suffered from chronic obstructive sleep apnea and thus, was extremely fatigued and suffered from narcolepsy at the time of the crash.


SETTLEMENT for Motor Vehicle Accident

Our client was hit by a UPS truck that failed to yield when pulling out of a driveway.


SETTLEMENT - Motorcycle Accident

Our client was driving his motorcycle when a police officer recklessly (and needlessly) joined a high-speed chase. During the chase, in which the officer was driving in excess of 70 mph through a city street (without sirens), the officer improperly changed lanes while he was behind our client, and while our client was making a left-hand turn. Our client suffered burns to half his body and he broke several bones. Under ordinary circumstances, our client would be entitled to significantly more but his settlement was capped because of governmental immunity. The officer was criminally charged with reckless driving.


SETTLEMENT for Nursing Home Negligence

Our client was a known fall risk. However, the nursing home failed to follow appropriate fall prevention protocols, and as a result our client had a severe fall that caused him to break several bones and be hospitalized for three weeks.


SETTLEMENT for Patient Fall In A Rehab Center

Our client was in a rehabilitation center to recover from a spinal cord injury. Although he had been deemed a fall risk, a nurse allowed our client to walk to the restroom, without assistance. Unfortunately, he was not stable enough to hold himself upright and fell resulting in a subdural hematoma that caused him to be unconscious for several weeks.


SETTLEMENT for Premises Liability

Gunshot Victim v. Apartment Complex and Management Company
The Plaintiff was randomly attacked and assaulted by a person wielding a gun who shot the Plaintiff 3 times. As a result of the shooting, the Plaintiff sustained catastrophic and permanent injuries.
Seay Felton, LLC, sued the apartment complex and its management company. After 14 months of litigation, we settled this case for $400,000.


VERDICT for Patient Fall In Hospital

Our client was deemed a fall risk by the staff. However, nurses failed to follow the hospital's fall prevention protocol, which caused our client to fall and break her thigh.



We represented two individuals, who were arrested as a result of an illegal business practice by a rent-to-own business. Specifically, the retail business engaged in the practice of swearing out warrants for theft against its customers who had fallen behind with their monthly payments. Our clients spent one and two days in jail, respectively.


SETTLEMENT for Whistleblower

A government employee "blew the whistle against a government agency." In an act of retaliation, the agency cut her pay. We filed suit on behalf of our client and we were able to collect not only her back-pay but also future wages and compensatory damages for the financial and emotional distress that she suffered.


SETTLEMENT for Assault

Our client, a tenant of an apartment complex, was the victim of an assault that occurred at the property, due to inadequate security. After retaining our office for legal representation against the apartment complex and litigating this matter for 18 months, our firm recovered $175,000.


VERDICT for Unlawful Detention and False Imprisonment

An African American family was subjected to embarrassment and humiliation when they were unlawfully detained at a shopping mall because they looked "suspicious."


VERDICT for Car Wreck

A driver made an illegal left turn, which resulted in our client incurring medical bills and missing seven days of work.

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